How to Finance & Build 10K/month Cash Flow from Rentals!


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How to Finance & Build 10K/month Cash Flow from Rentals!


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Bridging the gap between learning and doing

Have you attended seminars, read and learned about real estate? Are you one of the many with nothing to show for it? Have you paid thousands for seminars and coaching but have still yet to do a deal? Do you love the potential real estate investing offers and the resulting lifestyle? Do you get excited?

It is easy to get excited and learn as much about real estate theory as you can. Now applying that knowledge is the tricky part. Have you heard that only 4% of seminar attendees actually do something with their new knowledge? Why are 24/25 people paying thousands of dollars and getting nothing out of it? The answers may surprise you, but best of all this can be overcome so the majority become successful implementing the material.

Do something - First off, some attendees are there because they got excited. They made an emotional purchase and think that deals and money will be thrown at them with zero effort and zero commitment. So the number one thing to bridge the gap between learning and doing is DO SOMETHING and COMMIT!

Have a plan – Take what you have learned and create a very focused strategy and become a master at that strategy. If you only have 10 hours a week, avoid spending 2 hours on 5 strategies and spend all 10 on one killer strategy. You will become an expert.

Find a mentor or partner – Find an expert in your strategy that will partner, coach, mentor and guide you towards success.

Have goals – It is easy to push this off until next year, or until the kids are not in school or until your big project at work is done. That is not commitment. Write down what it will take to achieve your goals as daily tasks and complete them every day. You will be amazed by what you will accomplish by staying committed to your goals and to do list.

Pick the right strategy – Pick a strategy that you can successfully master, mitigate risk and duplicate over and over. Delegate and create a system so you can really duplicate.

Delegate – Time a problem, get an assistant or virtual assistant. Have them generate leads and do all the work you do not have time for. If a task does not absolutely positively need your expertise to do it, then delegate.

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