How to Finance & Build 10K/month Cash Flow from Rentals!


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How to Finance & Build 10K/month Cash Flow from Rentals!


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Why All Investors need an Assistant

Would you like more time, better performance, more success, less responsibility? These are just a few of the reasons to hire an assistant. I want to quickly show you how to easily identify items you can delegate to an assistant. I will let you be the judge on how helpful it will be to hire an assistant.

Let’s do a quick exercise. Compose the following 2 lists:

  1. List all of the tasks you do for your real estate biz and how much time that takes
  2. List all tasks that would help improve your biz and how much time they will take

Example Tasks: Total 40 hours

Write 5 blog entries – 3 hours

Maintain participation in forums, social media – 5 hours

Send out newsletter – 4 hours

Answer my emails and phone calls – 10 hours

Market to find 25 prospects and evaluate – 10 hours

Write 5 offers – 5 hours

Face to face meetings – 3 hours

Tasks to improve my biz:

Market to find and evaluate 25 more deals per week – 10 hours

Write 5 more offers per week – 5 hours

Network, social media, buyers lists, private money generation, build relationships – 10 hours

Now I would like you to look at these lists and ask yourself, “Could someone else help me with these tasks?” “Do I HAVE to do this?” I look at the example lists above and realize that all of them can be delegated to some degree. Some I need to make the final say, but that would only require about 20% of the allotted time to each task.

The key is to define a system and delegate every process and task in that system that you do not absolutely positively HAVE to be you. Of course I want to make the final decision on whether to write an offer. But I can delegate as much of the marketing and evaluation as possible so I can quickly be presented with the all the information and make a quick decision. An assistant can easily maintain social media, email and phone calls. Anything an assistant cannot handle is passed on to me/you.

After a few months, you can really improve these systems and delegate many tasks to an assistant. It is amazing how much time can be saved, business can grow, performance improves, etc. I highly recommend getting an assistant, even Virtual Assistants are a great resource in your success.

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