How to Finance & Build 10K/month Cash Flow from Rentals!


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How to Finance & Build 10K/month Cash Flow from Rentals!


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THE NEWS MEDIA, Listen or Ignore when it comes to real estate stories?

When you make decisions, do you make good informed business decisions? Are you using accurate and justifiable data, facts and information? Do you use stories and information from the news to make your decision? If so, I would recommend checking up on the information to make sure it is useful. You see, the goal for the news is to get ratings. For whatever reason, people love fear and drama. That is what the news is selling.

I heard a funny story about the results of a study that ranked safety of cities. What they didn’t tell you is that there was only 2 cities in the study and they didn’t give a safety rating. The actual results were City2 was much safer than City1. Here is what was reported in news stories. In City1 they said that City1 is the 2nd safest and City2 is 2nd to last. In City2 they said that City2 is the safest and City1 is least safe. Both true, but a complete massaging of the truth. So how can you make an informed business decision when the News massages the truth to get ratings?

In regards to real estate the news talks about the entire market and are often very speculative. They talk about home values going up or going down in the entire market or large areas. Well an investment is dependent on that single property not the entire market or area. And even if the market is going down, if you purchase something at an extreme discount like at 50% LTV and it cash flows, then you can still make money even if the market goes down 40% like it did in some areas of the country. The news sells fear and drama to the masses. I strongly recommend justifying the facts to ensure accuracy. Use good information to make your business decisions.

The most successful investors do the exact opposite of the masses. When the news stories are optimistic about real estate, everyone runs to purchase. Smart investors are selling high during these times. Lately the news stories have been very negative regarding real estate making people fearful and run from real estate. Smart investors are buying low. My recommendation is to justify the source and information provided to make sure it is accurate and useful in making an informed business decision.

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