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Financing for Investment Property

How to turn 10% into 20% into 40% cash on cash returns?

The answer is actually quite simple.  We consistently find deals already rented with 10-15% returns.  Those willing to do fix up and allow our excellent property managers to find renters can increase returns often up to 15-20%.  If you refinance with our lenders below and get 75% of your money back, you can increase your cash on cash return to close to 40% then do more deals!  WOW!!  Contact US for more information!

Conventional Financing:

**680 credit score or higher, rates are very good

**6 months of PITI reserves of each rental owned

**At least 20% down, and very frequently 25% down, depending on credit.

**Verifiable income, with a maximum after-loan DTI of 45% or less.

**Up to 10 Convential Loans including primary, Refinances available


Foreign Buyer Financing Terms and Non Conventional (Also for those maxed out at 10 conventional loans)

·        50% LTV

·        At least 6 months, and possible 12 months, escrow of mortgage payments to be used to pay for first 6 (up to 12) months of payments

·        6.5% or higher interest rate (this is a portfolio product and the rate is determined on a case by case basis)

·        Accountant letter or verbal verification of income and assets

·        One (1) point portfolio loan fee plus typical closing costs (origination fees, title, appraisals, stamps, etc.)

·        5 year ARM with 30 year amortization (we can refinance them at 5 year mark if needed)

·        1 year prepayment penalty

·        Close loan within 45 days

·        Up to $2 million in loans to one borrower (although as we discussed that number is rising as Firm/Lender grows)

·        Personal guarantee